Content Site with Customized Filtering System

Showcase and Content Site

A big thank you to the entire team for putting the website online yesterday and making this 'technological leap' possible for amàco! The amàco team is very happy with the result.

Caroline Jaboviste

Project Manager at amàco

The client

Amàco is an association specialized in the dissemination and valorization of natural construction methods.

The project and needs

As part of the reorientation of their commercial strategy, they wanted to renew their image with the redesign of their website. Serving both as a showcase and content site, the website had to be able to present and explain the numerous missions and activities of amàco, as well as accommodate a space for thematic resources on construction methods. Different user targets with different expectations (students, specialized professionals, institutions, etc.) were also expected.img1

The proposed solution

The organization and hierarchy of the numerous contents were at the heart of the project. Additionally, the clean design and simplified navigation ensured better readability of user journeys. Placed at the core of the site's navigation, we also developed a custom filtering tool for the association's resources and activities.img2

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