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Public Transportation Network Monitoring

Mobile App

By developing our ATS application, KANSO perfectly understood our needs, to accompany us in an agile and efficient manner throughout all stages. The result meets our expectations, with the KANSO touch as a bonus!

Vincent Tricard

Digital Project Manager at Keolis

The client

Keolis (private operator of public transport networks) wanted to increase its responsiveness to correct malfunctions related to transport stops (such as broken windows). Some employees had difficulty reporting information about these malfunctions.

The project and needs

The application revolves around a map of Lyon's public transportation network, allowing interaction with metro, tram, or bus stations. The density of the network required optimization of its display at different levels, otherwise, the map update would have been too slow for the user. The application also integrates a messaging system that allows users to exchange information about malfunctions, ensuring the relevance of the information transmitted to the services.img1

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