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15-minute grocery delivery

Mobile app

The client

Cajoo was* a company specializing in grocery delivery at home in 15 minutes.
Jeremy Gotteland, CTO of Cajoo, contacted us via Malt to punctually strengthen his technical team.

*In 2022 Cajoo was bought out and merged into Flink.

The project and needs

In May 2021, the technical team at Cajoo was overwhelmed. Kanso was thus selected to meet four critical needs, identified by the marketing and product team:

  • Enrich and report missing marketing data (attribution, conversion)
  • Allow the generation of links to arbitrary pages within the application to improve marketing actions
  • A store within the mobile application, based on Prestashop data
  • Synchronize customer data from the API with the new CRM (Intercom)

The proposed solution

The first phase was about the implementation of "deep-linking", for which we used the apps-flyer and Segment libraries for React Native. We solved several compatibility and configuration problems in the existing code and added what was missing in the react navigation configuration.
The second phase concerned the information reporting at the AppsFlyer level, in particular the debugging of the integration of the library for the reporting of key information such as the number of installations or uninstalls of the app, the number of openings each day, etc.
Finally, regarding the integration of key data into the new CRM, a synchronization pipeline was set up in Python between the data analytics part and the CRM part. The choice of architecture was imposed and Kanso only realized the code part. We set up synchronization batches on one-hour windows with parallel processing of data and API calls.


The technical stack and infrastructure

  • React Native
  • AppsFlyer
  • Segment
  • Amplitude
  • Python
  • Intercom

React NativeTypescriptGraphQL

The scope of action/The means deployed (duration and team)

The three needs of Cajoo required 2 profiles, full-time for 2 months:

  • A back-end developer for the CRM part, Python and analytics via AppsFlyer
  • A front-end developer for the deep-linking part and the configuration and integration of AppsFlyer in the front

The impact

350K users
15 French cities
Bought out for 93 million dollars by Flink

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