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Pre-hospital emergency care

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Thank you to your entire team and especially to Diego for the effort he made to find a solution to all the intermittent malfunctions. Your work contributes to improving emergency pre-hospital care for patients throughout France!

Claude Malagoli

Doctor at the battalion of Marseille naval firefighters

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The client

The MERMED BMPM association is in charge of the SMUR BMPM mobile application, which assists firefighters in pre-hospital care. It lists information on protocols, medications, and care techniques. It also allows for calculating a dose of medication to prescribe or a course of action based on victim data. This data may include age, height, heart rate, or blood flow, for example.

The project and needs

The association wanted to add new scores to the existing application.

More importantly, they wanted to update the application as it was no longer compatible with recent smartphones, and an increasing number of users were complaining about not being able to use it anymore. The application, being almost 10 years old, proved to be difficult to update. React Native was still a nascent technology, and many modules were written by the original application developer because the required libraries often did not exist at the time.

We also managed the application's publication on stores and were particularly vigilant in complying with regulations that did not yet exist at the time the application was created.

The proposed solution

We updated, replaced, or rewrote the following modules (non-exhaustive list):

  • CloudKit, a module written natively in Swift by the original developer
  • Google Authentication
  • react-native-render-html, partially written by the original application developer. This module was responsible for major slowdowns on Android
  • react-native-async-image-store, from the original developer
  • Obsolete Expo modules
  • @typeskill/typer, from the original developer. This library had to be reworked because many bugs appeared with the evolution of mobile operating systems. Notably, text was no longer saving on iOS
As the application was very old, it also required managing numerous evolutions of the Android and iOS ecosystems, particularly regarding security and permissions.

The technical stack and infrastructure

  • React Native
  • Expo
  • Swift
  • Firebase

React NativeTypescriptSwiftiOSAndroid

The scope of action/The means deployed (duration and team)

The mission required 1 FTE over a period of one and a half months.

The impact

10 years of existence
6K+ satisfied firefighters all around Europe

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