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Web3-based video game in the horse racing universe

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Collaborating with Kanso has been very enriching. The team's expertise allowed us to tackle the various challenges of the project, both technically and conceptually. Their availability ensured the development of the product within very tight deadlines. Thank you for everything and looking forward to working with Kanso again!

Renaud El Ghozi

CPO - Product Manager at Stables

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The client

The PMU, in association with the startup incubator 321Founded, launched its Web3 video game project titled Stables.

The project and needs

Stables is an innovative project at the intersection of the Web3, gaming, and horse betting worlds, aiming to extend horse racing to the Web3 world by turning its horses into NFTs and making them race in an engaging video game.
After a successful first NFT drop, 321Founded decided to strengthen the project's technical team in order to:

  • Rapidly develop a first version (an MVP) of the video game
  • Optimize the performance of the website
  • Continuously improve and maintain the product
  • Develop the S-Points shop (the game's virtual currency)

The proposed solution

During this mission, three full-stack developers from Kanso joined a large product team (9 people) to form the technical team.
To meet the imposed deadlines, Kanso developed an MVP of the video game for the inaugural race.
We subsequently continuously improved the product to meet the following needs:

  • Refactoring of existing frontend code
  • Addition of new game features (strategies, terrains, viewing competitors)
  • Balancing of the algorithm and implementation of unit tests
  • Creation of a comprehensive back office to give autonomy to the product team in managing virtual races
  • Periodic inspection of the Tezos blockchain via 3 crons to track purchases from the shop
  • Integration of real PMU race and horse data

The technical stack and infrastructure

  • React, NextJS, Typescript, Django, Python, PostgreSQL with a REST API hosted on the Django server
  • Django Rest Framework (DRF) and exposure and documentation of endpoints via Open API
  • TanStack Query (react-query) for query optimization and front-end caching system
  • Locize for translations
  • Deployment pipeline via Docker, Gitlab CI


The scope of action/The means deployed (duration and team)

The development phase of the video game MVP required 2 full-stack developer FTEs over a period of 6 weeks.
The continuous development phase of the product required 3 full-stack developer FTEs over a period of 5 months.

The impact

6.6K NFTs sold in 72 hours during the first drop
25K Stables community members
10K virtual races launched

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