Fab City Grand Paris



Platform and Integration with a European Scale Information System

H2020 Innovation

The client

We were approached by Fab City Grand Paris as part of a European Horizon 2020 research and innovation project. Addressing numerous circular economy challenges, this project established collaboration among a dozen European entities. Six pilot cities were selected, each with a specific mission and a different platform. The platforms communicate with each other and synchronize their data.img1Fab City Grand Paris was responsible for the city of Paris, and its project aimed to facilitate the exchange of various raw materials of different sizes. To achieve this, a dimensional scanner automatically measures the 3D dimensions and weight of the object to be exchanged, and this data is then recorded for inventory purposes.

The project and needs

Our mission was twofold:

  • Develop the Parisian platform, including integration with the dimensional scanner and the API designed to receive data from the Parisian project (Dimension-Use)
  • Establish data integration and synchronization with other European platforms (Reflow)

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